Welcome to MegaShare - an initiative of Vizzua (Pty) Ltd.

About MegaShare

Digitalisation has become the most common thing. Because of this, files are getting bigger and bigger. The need to send files such as Graphic Artwork, Photo material, MP3, Video or databases will be getting bigger every day. Especially the acceptance and growth of the internet will cause an enormous need of data transportation.

The present possibilities of transporting large data files is limited to CD?s, DVD?s, FTP-servers or ISDN lines. Sending large files by e-mail is possible for only a happy few, but if so, the receiver also has to have a large e-mail account.

MegaShare is totally FREE. It's an initiative of Vizzua Creative based in Cape Town, South Africa. Vizzua Creative is a creative internet development company, specialist in programming dynamic database internet applications and creating visual media.

How does it work?

It only takes you four steps to send files to anyone around the world with an e-mail account:

        1. Click on the "Browse" button
        2. Select the file you wish to send
        3. Click on the "Upload File" button
        4. Copy & Paste from the list of links provided

If you wish to email the link then enter an email address and click on the "Send Email" button.

The receiver will get an e-mail from you telling him that there is a file ready for him or her. In this mail there is a link to the place where the file is stored. He or she can get it by downloading the file. Fast and easy?


We are not responsible for the content of the files send through MegaShare. Using MegaShare is free and totally for the responsibility of the user. When we discover this service is used for illegal acts or material we will report this to the international authorities.


Vizzua Creative